I Hate My Job, Please Help Me

Trust me, I’ve been there before. I dredded going in. I had to psyche myself up every morning. I started smoking just to have some sort of extra vice/outlet.

I was working for a crappy tech firm that build back-end software for gas stations. It was owned by to VC firms, and they just milked all the profits out of it, with no re-investment back into it’s infrastructure. It was HORRIBLE!

I was just so miserable, I just quit, with no job lined up. Very dumb decision, but the weight I felt lifted off my shoulders was huge! But then the stress of being unemployed, engaged, and needing to pay for a wedding kicked in. So, definitely try not to jump ship unless you have something lined up(but worst case scenerio, you’ll still survive without one).

But here are three things I would advise to do before you jump ship.

Get Your Finances In Order

  • You should have at least $1,000 in emergency savings, on top of a normal savings.
  • Make sure you have a backup plan for rent/housing. Maybe a sibling or good friend will let you crash with them for a little while.

Hunt For Any Part-time Job

  • If you are just at the point of barely holding on to your current job, jump to something that will give you a little more free time, to regroup, get some rest, and hunt for a better opportunity.

Start Thinking Of Extra Streams Of Income

  • When I quit my crappy job, I had time to think of what I could sell. I found some really nice calculators that I was planning to donate to a local school. But when I had to come up with more money for rent, I had to sell them to survive. I tried taking them to a pawn shop, but they thought I stole them(lol!). The one guy was nice(not his manager), he was like: “Listen, you would honestly get a lot more for them on Ebay”. Sure enough I got over $700 for them(they were really nice TI calculators).
  • My friend started to give plasma to pay off her dental bills and got all her siblings going there as well, cause she got referrals on top of the plasma she was already getting. She ended up bringing in a lot of money after she first got started.
  • Garage sale. Ya, you have to deal with the hecklers and negotiate everything, but my wife covered most of our moving expenses just in one Saturday. It was nice, just a lot of hard work and constant negotiation. Make sure to use social media to promote your sale.
  • There are so many other ways to bring in extra money, just depends on your creativity.

I honestly wish you the best in your escape plan. Hope all this truly helps. Best of luck!


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