How Can I Leave My Job, When I’ve Had Enough

First, I hear your frustration. Second, there’s good news. It’s really hard to leave your job, when everyone around you just screams “put it’s a good job”. Some of the closets people around you, just want you to be safe. They see you homeless and begging for money, when you say you want to leave your job.

The good news is, if you were smart and capable enough to get that “good job”, then you’re smart and capable enough of getting a better one, or creating a new path. Don’t hold it against your loved ones, they just want to protect you. But deep down, they don’t know the half of what you’re going through.

How to leave your job for something better.

Don’t just walkout right away. Try to get things in order before you jump ship.

First, try to raise as much capital as possible, outside of your job. Hold a garage sale, sell all those things you can’t live without on Ebay. If you really want to get out of your hard place, it begins with sacrifice. Because if you quit without planning for any future income coming in, then all your thoughts will be about money and how you don’t have any. So build your funds while you can.

Second, start searching for life lines. Talk to super close people about if they like their jobs, if they do, ask them if they are hiring. This one would be a super quick fix to your pain and frustration, for the time being. Then start asking others about maybe staying with them for a while. This way you don’t have to pay rent(if you are renting).

Thirdly, start asking yourself: “Where do I want to be?”. This is a very important question. Because if you have an idea of where you want to be, it’s not that hard to find the steps of how to get their. The bigger your network is, the more likely you’ll reach that point a lot sooner than others, who have no network at all. If you’re a hard worker and good friend, your network should be plentiful.

I truly hope this helps as a stepping point to help you get where you want to be. I wish you nothing but the best, and bountiful success!


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