My Personal Escape Plan

So I am currently a high school teacher. My job is way better than the office job I left, but I still have this drive to work for myself, and have the opportunity to travel with my family, without restrictions or stipulations, or worrying about making it back in time for training and meetings(teachers never truly have summer off, at least at the high school level).

Right now my biggest focus is debt. That’s going to be the first obstacle to getting free from your job(or jobs) overall. If you are making monthly payments all over the place, you can never be fully free. So I just cut down on my credit cards debt. I was around $3,500 in January of this year. Just today I got down to $150. So I’m pretty happy to be getting somewhere.

I still have card debt, which is $5,300. Then I have misc. debt around $600. Then my biggest debt is student loans, which is at $24,000. So I am using the snowball effect to tackle my loans.

The second focus is increasing my overall income. Obviously teachers don’t make a whole lot. And there is no negotiating with my district on how I should be paid more, cause there is no money, lol. So I had to get creative and start building side business, that mostly run autonomously, because I still work full-time and have a family. Last year I launched my first profitable side business. From April 2019-December 2019, I made over $3,400 from that business alone. This year I am trying to add more products, but with Covid going on, every business is taking some sort of hit. So income from that business drips in here and there, but not as much as last year. So I’m putting most of that on pause until business starts picking up.

So my two focuses of my escape plan, are paying down debt, and increasing streams of income. Which should be yours, when you finally get to a job you can tolerate for a while.

I hope this helps!


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