Why I Personally Would Like To Get To Stage 4(Freedom)

During this current pandemic, my life has truly slowed down. I feel like I’m gaining more with everything slowed down, then I was gaining with everything sped up.

This time of quarantine has allowed me to enjoy my daughters more, my wife more, and all the blessings I already had. Life before this quarantine was so fast for me. My boss wanted everything under the sun done, people outside of work were grabbing for my attention. My home life was just a blur. I rarely got to enjoy dinner without worrying about the next day.

I never got to really pay attention to my daughters work and art projects. All of that has seemed to pass now. Now I get to stare at my wife a little longer. I have patience and time to spend with my duaghter and the awesome comics she creates on her phone. I honestly just get to hold my baby girl and enjoy the moment, not rushing to get the next thing done, not worrying about tomorrow at work, I just get to enjoy her in this moment.

I don’t take this for granted. I know there are a lot of people out there who are hurting really bad during this pandemic. I am truly fortunate to be able to work from home, and still have income coming in. We still have had a few hits like others, but not as bad.

But what I truly take from all of this, is that I want to slow my life down. I would like to reach Stage 4 to enjoy what I have. I know life will never be perfect at any stage, but that is the one thing I would like to strive for, slowing everything down to where I can enjoy my blessings.

Best of luck!


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