Huge Milestone Today! Finally Paid Off My Credit Card

Super happy to announce a major milestone during my pursuit of Stage 4. I have paid down $3,500 in the last 5 months, which averages to $700 each month. But I big part of that came from a refund from Jet Blue because they cancelled our flight. So got really lucky there.

Here is my current debt status:

Super blessed to have knocked out the credit card, but now it’s on to my car loan. Using the “snowball effect” to pay of debt is super rewarding and very helpful.

I am trying to increase my side income right now with two new products. It is slightly paying off. I had to invest $350 in the last 8 months, and invest a crap ton of time into it. But so far I have recouped $100 of it, so hopefully(knock on wood) after $250 in more sales, it will be all profit from there. But Covid is really jacking up projected sales I had for this year. I am not complaining because I still have my teaching job(knock on wood), and I haven’t had to take a paycut, unlike most, if not all my peers I know(even the ones with the best jobs).

So slowly, but hopefully surely, I am decreasing my debt and adding to my income. Once all major debt is paid off, and my side income replaces my full-time income, I will be at Stage 4. But I’m not in a rush, I’m just enjoying the challenge and journey.

Best of luck!


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