Trying To Write Your Own Self-Published Book(Part 1)

So I have written a rough draft of a small book, that I plan to publish on Amazon. But I am in the process of hearing from my early reviewers(who are close friends).

It’s actually a good process. I know it’s hard to ask others for favors sometimes, but it seems to be well worth it.

The biggest thing that keeps coming up is my bashing of PayPal. PayPal ended taking me for a lot of money when I sold a big item on Ebay. I am still bitter about it, and mentioned it in my writing. Bad idea.

From the first two reviewers they have asked me to rephrase it. My first reviewer put it in a good context. He was like; “Listen, people have brand loyalty to certain brands. You probably should not bash anyone’s favorite brand”.

Point taken. I have re-edited to it is as friendly as possible to all the brands I don’t care for.

If you are planning to write and self-publish your own book, get it reviewed! Even if it’s a sibling. Getting some sort of idea of what other readers are taking away is a huge advantage.

Best of luck!


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