My Next Move For Adding An Extra Stream Of Income

As of right now I have two sources of income, my job and my side hustle. My side hustle is still bringing in on average around $400 a month. Nothing to retire on, but it is helping my family during Covid, and still allowing me to pay down debt.

I actually added more products to sell on my side hustle website, but because of Covid, it has just kept my sales afloat with usual numbers. My wife and I would still like to payoff our cars and our student loans. We are currently knocking out those little miscellaneous debts, on top of paying our monthly bills.

For this whole escape plan to work, there needs to be no debt. So while financially we have taken a slight hit financially during Covid, we are still planning to move forward in tackling our debt. Our get out of jail debt amount roughly $92,000. It’s a high amount for sure, but student loans alone for her and I are around $75,000. So we have a ways to go. But this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. One bite at a time.

Now that I have some more free time, I am planning to venture into online courses. I recently read an Amazon ebook, “How To Sell Video Courses Online” by Rob Cubbon. It has been very helpful in pursuing my next endeavor. He advises starting off small and getting your name out there(I like him already). He then mentions maybe starting off on Udemy, but not to build everything on there because you don’t want to do that. Then building more courses over time on your own site. Pretty smart guy. He was able to escape his job after two years of deciding to go through with it. Then five years later he had enough passive income to travel and do what he wanted.

I definitely plan to follow his footsteps. Online courses do take a lot of time, but he suggests at least one hour a day, and he says you can finish a small course in one month using that strategy. I like it!

I have no specific number I would like to hit, my only goal is just to have another income source. It could be $1 a month, or $1,000 a month, every little bit helps. Especially when you’re trying to tackle your mountain of debt, AKA student loans.

I hope helps you on your journey to freedom!

Best of luck!


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