How To Add More Products To Your Online Business, And Why

So I am a big fan of Ramit Sethi, even if he doesn’t like me. But his ZTL course and Earnable course are super valuable. One of my biggest takeaways from those courses is, once you have figured out how to sell one product, it’s much easier to sell another within the same business.

My first succesfuly online business came from one product. Then I had a cousin tell me: “Why can’t you do the same thing with different products within your niche?”. At first I told him that my product was beyond super niche, and didn’t know where to start in other ways. But it did stay in my mind from there. Then Ramit showed his little calculator and how much more you could make just by adding one more product to your business.

And then that’s when I took the time and investment into a new product. Fortunately that product is selling way better than my original, and has helped the limited sales from Covid.

If you’re already successful with your first product, try adding a second one within the same business.

Best of luck!


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