Golden Nuggets Of Wisdom When It Comes To Business Life

“Focus on earning.”

I love this quote from Michelle at Make Sense of Cents. She was able to get out of debt and create a very profitable business for herself, through her blog with affiliate marketing. This quote is so simple, yet so powerful. When I lose track of what I’m doing, or what I should do next, I go back to this quote, and ask myself, will this earn me money to help pay my debts down. Thanks Michelle!

“Scratch your own Itch.”

I cannot tell you how important this actually is to any new business endeavor. I would never in a million years try to create a product for a doctor or lawyer. I never went to med or law school. I have no idea on what they spend their money on. ETC.! When I solve my own problems, I’m levels ahead of any competition out there or any schmo who thinks they can just get into the game. Because I’m solving my own problem, I know exactly where potential customers are looking, I know exactly what they’re thinking, I know a good price range that will be profitable, yet affordable. I know the exact words to use in my sales pitch. I also know the exact guarantee for them to have peace of mind about their purchase. Light years ahead of anyone else, so SCRATCH YOUR OWN ITCH!

“Keep doing what works.”

I love Ramit Sethi and his sales scripts! He has awesome products to offer, if you can afford them. But this quote stands out for me from him. Whenever I want to start a new online business or do something new, I come back to this quote, because it re-establish my ambition. I already have a thriving niche, but I always want to start a new one. But this quote makes me realize, that I will have to start all over again, and it already took me five years to get where I’m at. Why would I restart all of that, when I could just put more focus on my current niche and excel there.

“Focus on serving, not on money.”

Patt Flynn is a really smart entrepreneur, and hard worker. I respect him a lot. I don’t know him personally but he seems very genuine and honest. But this quote is probably the most important one for any online business owner. If we don’t have customers, our business won’t exist. They need to be the top priority and focus. Once we have truly served them, then in return we receive favor.

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